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We provide science and narrative illustrations for journal covers, presentations, research papers, and grants. Design requests for illustrations are typically 2D graphics in vector format for scaleability and print. The final illustrations can be as detailed or abstract as required by the content and needs of the research message.


By working together, we are able to organize information into a clear composition that addresses communication goals. Style comes last in the process of delivering information. Once the composition is final, we can address style and typography to meet the requirements for grants and publications.


Visualize your research in three dimensions. Requesting 3D graphics is best for journal covers, news articles, and graphical abstracts based on the time needed for completion. These visual resources are a little more involved compared to the 2D illustration and science figures–generally speaking.


Animations are a great way to break down science components and present research in a different light. They are great tools for communicating complex ideas for media, research, and conferences.

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