The Biomachine has two parts. The first part is the structure on the wall, which is covered in viruses. We have viruses that are part of our everyday lives.

The second part of the installation is humankind’s response to having viruses in our everyday life.

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Dynamic art installation representing viruses

Institutes of Energy and the Environment

Wall Sculpture

The wall sculpture in the lobby of the Energy and Environment Laboratory building represents the complex research IEE faculty and researchers are performing.  Each theme reveals aspects of the research through patterns, materials, and symbology.  The wall sculpture is fabricated from primarily aluminum, with a powder coated or anodized finish. 

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Zombie Ant Experience

This is the pilot project of a new series of science/art collaborations produced by the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences. In addition to more traditional photography and metal sculpture, viewers are immersed in the life cycle of the zombie ant fungus through an augmented reality iPad application, which allows them to interact with the unfolding story.

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Interactive Experience
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