Through a detailed metal sculpture and an augmented reality iPad application, the story of the life cycle of the fungus, Cordyceps, that creates the so-called “Zombie Ants” unfolded.

The ZAE is a unique multimedia installation, that includes metal sculpture, animation, performance, and augmented reality.  The installation takes many forms, depending on the location of the project, whether in the lobby of a building or on a theatre stage.  When using the augmented reality application, it becomes a truly interactive experience.  When on stage, surrounded by the projections and sculpture, one is fully immersed in the world of the zombie ant. 

“It becomes a piece of living, breathing art.”

Sarah Whitney, Assistant Director for Academic Administration at Behrend and an Associate Teaching Professor of English and Women’s Studies

“I just finished attending the exhibit and excellent multimedia presentation today…job well done by all…I’m pleased our campus engaged with the Institute and your team.”

Dr. John Mason, Chancellor Penn State Harrisburg
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